Smelly Asmodeus: wah wah wah i’m a big ugly jerk.

Me: die stinker

SA: wah wah wah i’m dead

Me: ha i knew i was the chosen on.

SA: *smellies*

Ragnis: i was the real evil god all along hahahaha u fool its over prepare 2 die idiot

Me: oh no what a fool i have been who could have foreseen this great betrayal? Curse you rug-miss!

Ragsmis: yeah fuck u idiot *kills u* im the star of the show now

Matt (the doombon mister Extra sauce squimpy): Noooo ringsmoss!!!

Random racist: woah.

Me: *killeds*

Rogniss: oops sorry wrong person lmao…

Jeebus: *hits the bung*

The CountryInvestigativeAnimals: *arresteds* now we’ve caught you…. Devil incarnate… wkoopskingusle knew you were doing *drops* las drogas.

Jimmy?: *speaks in th(r)ough(japanese letters)t*

Matt: NO IM THE DM [parenthesis thank you come again exclamation comma], YOU WILL NOT CONTROL ME FOIWL BEATST (Rolls D20) BEAT THAT ROLL RONLISS

ragnis: no u(not)r not not not (rolls natural 351)

Me: *still po

opies deaders*